Obserwaiting Uckermark. 
Millions of three stands are spread across Europe. We perceive them as a part of the natural landscape and the countryside culture.
right: Hochsitz № 183 (53.255078, 14.341253)
left: Hochsitz № 460 (53.261483, 14.338215
The district of Uckermark is one of the largest districts in Germany. On the east it borders Poland, this border area is The Lower Odra Valley Landscape Park. It remains free from any industry or hunting. 
Tree stands are usually but by the hunter himself and can only be used by him. So each construction as a unique creation of its builder. 
right: Ansteller № 97 (53.256487, 14.342882)
left: Hochsitz № 418 (53.260399, 14.343371)
I took more than 400 photos of three and box stands. Each of them were concentrated around the area of national park.

left: Hochsitz № 155 (53.253779, 14.340827)
The background was removed from the photos in attempt to free each objects from the context. Only observing the stand by itself we can feel its the true nature.
Adobe Student Design Achievement 2018. Category Fine Art - Photography. 
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